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V.26 Veckans tips

Lata sommardagar är tiden för läskande drinkar och inspirerande böcker. Det finns många både vackra, inspirerande och lärorika böcker vi vill tipsa er om men här är tio av våra favoriter just nu Alla dessa är klart värda en hedersplats på soffbordet eller sideboardet. Trevlig läsning!

Handbok i inredning och styling - Frida Ramstedt

”I Handbok i inredning presenterar Frida en verktygslåda av tankeredskap som hjälper dig att se på inredning och styling med nya ögon, så att du kan skapa ett hem som just du trivs i. Den här inredningsboken innehåller inga glossiga foton på stylade miljöer. Den bjuder istället på pedagogiska förklaringar, i text och tecknade illustrationer, av stylisternas hemliga knep och grundläggande tumregler som alla kan ha glädje och nytta av, oavsett stil och smak.”

Live Beautiful - Athena Calderone

”In Live Beautiful, the highly anticipated design book by Athena Calderone, the EyeSwoon creator taps into her network of interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers to reveal how carefully crafted interiors come together. She also opens the doors to two of her own residences.”

Black Architecture in Monochrome - Phaidon

”This book highlights the exquisite elegance of black in the built world through more than 150 structures. From ancient churches to contemporary skyscrapers, Black demonstrates how hues from ebony to onyx have been beloved by architects for centuries.”

Small Homes, Grand Living - Caroline KurzeRobert Klanten, Gestalten.

”As more people across the globe move into cities, living space becomes a precious commodity. Designers, architects, and innovative inhabitants seek new ways of creating a home that is just as comfortable as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing.”

Modern Scandinavian Design - Magnus EnglundCharlotte FiellPeter Fiell.

”With sections on architecture, furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, metalwork, woodenware, plastics, textiles, jewellery and graphic design, this will be an indispensable resource for any design enthusiast, collector or casual reader seeking inspiration for their home.”

Iconic Buildings - Studio Esinam

”This book presents unique visual profiles of the most iconic buildings in the world, from twenty-five of the most important and most visited cities. Featuring remarkably detailed line drawings elegantly rendered in black and white, these captivating artworks and the accompanying text help the reader learn each structure’s history and understand what makes them so visually and culturally iconic.”

Feelings of imperfection - Anna BjörkmanAnna Malmberg

”Places are filled with memories. This book highlights the ability to capture nuanced feeling through picture stories, demonstrating that one has the power to create memories and feelings through ambiance and atmosphere. It portrays humans in their environment, and the play between the two, offering a sense of intimacy ? the fourth wall coming down and inviting the reader in.”

Kinfolk Garden - JOHN. BURNS

”The Kinfolk Garden offers an easy approach to bringing nature into your life. Following on from The Kinfolk TableHome and Entrepreneur, the latest book from the team behind Kinfolk magazine focusses on beautiful spaces that bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. Divided into chapters on Care, Creativity and Community, the book explores the garden as a place for work, play, entertaining, and inspiration. Explore lush gardens and plant-filled homes, meet the inspiring people who coax them into bloom and learn from the experts about everything from arranging to eating plants and flowers.”

Natural Light Spaces - Francesc Zamora Mola

”Natural light is the natural starting point for great interior design. Research supports daylight’s positive effect on building performance and human health. It not only makes for a great interior and can also lead to substantial energy savings.”

100 Contemporary Wood Buildings - Philip Jodidio

”Not so very long ago, some might have considered wood a material of the past, long since replaced by more modern components such as concrete and steel. The truth is radically different. Bolstered by new manufacturing techniques and ecological benefits, wood has seen a fabulous resurgence in contemporary construction.”

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